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got a question?Here are the most commonly asked questions: If your question does not appear here, use the contact us page to send in the query.

  1. What is Kijiji & Klassifieds?
    Kijiji & Klassifieds is an online classified ads database for Kenyans to list their ads for free! It is ideally meant for the young adults, those who are just starting out. Those seeking to barter items,  move houses, sell items etc. Derived from the Swahili word for a village, Kijiji recognizes the need to share information among peers.
  2. Can I pay for my listing to appear here?
    Not at the moment. A paid advert would in future get extra priviledges, to include:

    • They will always appear as the top items in their respective categories.
    • They will always appear as the top items in site search results.
    • They will have the option to attach up-to four pictures in their classifieds Ad page.
    • They will have the option to stay on the site longer. Free adverts expire after 45 days by default. This figure maybe revised from time to time.
  3. Is there an age restriction for listing classifieds and participating in the forums?
  4. Yes, preferably above the age of 18. There may be other age restrictions imposed on the forums. Minors are not allowed to post classifieds on the site or register.

  5. Does Kijiji & Klassifieds guarantee the authenticity of the products and/or services advertised?
  6. No. Please read our terms and conditions.

  7. I just realised I made a mistake in my Ad text. Can I change it?
  8. Yes you can. Once your Ad has been submitted and approved, you can edit the text by inputting the Ad’s e-mail address and the access key that was sent to the particular e-mail address.

  9. My item has been sold. How do I remove it?
  10. Enter the classified Ad credentials and click on the delete button at the top. Your classified Ad will be deleted.

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